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Fees and Deposits

The cost is $330 for a eight week session, and $365 for a nine week session, with a non-refundable $75 deposit to hold your place. The deposit is required only to ensure that you are seriously committed to attending the first session.

I require a check for the deposit, and prefer to have a phone conversation with you before you send it. After you've paid the deposit, you may pay the balance by using the Paypal option below.

Workshop Size. The workshops are limited to eleven people and then close, so it's important that you come to the first meeting. After that, if you decide it's not for you, then you're under no further obligation. If you decide to enroll as a participant, then I deduct the $75.00 from your tuition, leaving a remaining balance, which is due by the second meeting. If at some point during the session you have to drop out, I may offer you credit in a future workshop.

Substitutes. Attendance is vital for trust to develop in the group, but occasionally you may not be able to make a meeting. If this happens, I have a list of substitutes who will come in your place and reimburse you directly.

Saturday Fees

International Retreat Fees

Workshop Payments: Balance and Deposits


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